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Dec 13 2016, 01:08 PM
Sorry, but it'd be a little difficult for me to drop in on you personally.
Aug 5 2016, 01:12 PM
Well, I visited the Xinlo Wall last month and I certainly wasn't going to do it without something to photograph. I'd broken an MOC down a while ago so in the week running up to the flight, I rebuilt it from the ground up. And gave it wings, because why not?

Yes, so I only got the one (meh) pose and a group shot but I'll probably take more later. I had it set up far more imaginatively in Xin's room.

Front view (spot the stalker)
Back view
With Xinlo's MOC he needs to post
Group shot

Bonus - poorly-made Evil Takal
Jun 18 2015, 05:09 AM
Anyone else been keeping up with it? This has been the first year I've actually watched the press conferences in full and I think Bethesda's opener may have set my expectations a little too high. Granted most of the individual showcases were presented well but the insincerity of the main speakers in all the others (bar Nintendo who were pretty much as humourous and disconnected from reality as I was expected. Never sure whether I'm laughing (figuratively) at them or with them...) was really glaring.

Though now the last generation has been well and truly left behind I do see a unified move towards greater complexity and better visuals - I finally feel like the current generation of consoles are justified, and not just touched-up versions of what the last generation had to offer. Plus that Microsoft hololens demonstration was incredible - I'd like to see someone hybridise that with Fallout 4's collector edition pip-boy gimmick and one of the hands-free or laser-pointed controllers and make a full game in a virtual reality overlay.

In terms of the games themselves, totally sold on Fallout 4 (as if I wasn't already), DOOM looks like exactly the kind of thing you could get a group of friends together on every so often to do hours and hours of custom games a la Halo 3, For Honour seems to do all the stuff I love about Dark Souls PvP (and to a lesser extent Monster Hunter which doesn't have such but does have the same tactical hack-and-slash thing going for it. The term Tac-and-Slash will never catch on but I'm going to keep trying) without just being the usual swing-sword-from-side-to-side fare of western fantasy RPGs or the button bash of most JRPGs. I'm interested to see what format Horizon: Zero Dawn takes as it could potentially become a favourite franchise as it seems to deliver on the aspects of Monster Hunter Dark Souls does not (locational damage, environmental use, support tactics rather than pure offence/defence and enemies that physically react to being struck in the legs or trapped). Naturally you don't need to say much more than "Dark Souls 3" to get me interested in that, and having the old project lead back is a huge bonus. Did I miss anything?

Edit: Yes I did. I missed Battlefront. How could I?
Jun 2 2015, 11:30 AM
It's on Bethesda's site, no less.

I mean after survivor 2299 I'm somewhat skeptical but it's not like it could be hosted anywhere more official.
May 24 2015, 08:13 AM
"Yeah, Takal, create this topic in an appropriate subforum that doesn't exist." - Scythey, somewhat paraphrased.

Pretty self-explanatory. Post favourite videogames, computer games, CD-i games or even tabletop games.

Personally, I tend to lean towards RPGs, stuff like the Fallout series (including 1 and 2, discounting Tactics and BoS), the Souls series (Demons' Souls, Dark Souls I and II and as soon as I am able, Bloodborne), Wasteland 2 (a retro-styled game which may well be the best RPG at being an RPG I've ever played. Tons of ways to tackle every scenario.) and Skyrim (I've thought about going back through that series but it strikes me that what I like most about that game is the opportunity for hijinks and the earlier games are more limited in that).

Also the sort-of RPG Monster Hunter, in which you basically compete in protracted battles between the several linked arenas that make up a zone with ridiculously huge weapons to an awesome soundtrack. I've compared it to a clunky Dark Souls game making no attempt at either plot or hiding its JRPG roots. Love it 'cause the progression you make isn't measured in levels or stats but your own knowledge of your enemy or weapon and how best to combine the two for a spectacular half-hour battle. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, widely regarded as the best game in the series prior to the newest release and the one in which I've clocked the most hours, has an easy (if slow) start to ease players in and ends with hectic boss battles that would, by most games' standards, just be entirely unfair but the gradual difficulty progression between the two is handled in such a way that if you reached this point, you're more than capable of handling them.

I'm also a big fan of Bungie's stuff that isn't Destiny (don't get me wrong, Destiny had great potential and wonderful gameplay but it falls short in every other category) and have played the Halo games, naturally (great for playing with groups of friends but I was always a little skeptical of the online crowd. The primary story isn't particularly deep but for what it is it hits all the right notes. The terminals/datapads/audiologs show that Bungie can do really great writing when they're not being constrained by the risk of breaking up the action), Marathon: Durandal (Like Doom or Wolfenstein but sci-fi and sooo much better) and Oni.

I think I should single out Oni like I did with Monster Hunter 'cause it deserves a lot more attention than it got. It's a year 2000 PS2/PC release anime-styled, cyberpunk third person shooter visually and thematically very similar to Ghost in the Shell with both developed shooting and unarmed combat mechanics, especially for its time. The dev humour in the background in most Bungie games (Save Destiny... what a waste...) occasionally reaches the foreground in this and while it's no Portal in this regard it still got a few laughs from me. It's definitely worth a shot if you can find a copy - the one I have looks almost unused but was a dirt-cheap £2.

I could go on but I think I hear snoring from somewhere up the back of this auditorium.

Anyway, what kinds of games do you like? Or kinds you don't? So long as you give valid reasons and don't just bash what you don't enjoy it's always just as interesting to see where people's dislikes stem from too.
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