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 Posted: Oct 26 2014, 04:01 PM
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Here on The Toa's Hideout we're pretty lax as far as rules go. That said, there are some things that will not be tolerated, so it's best that you read this before you accidentally break a rule you didn't know about.

1. First and foremost, be nice. You don't have to like everyone but insults and general rudeness are unacceptable. The other rules mostly fall under this, but for the sake of specifics, read on.

2. Don't be a bigot. We allow political and religious discussion on this site, but anything more than civil disagreement will be removed and possibly end up with someone being banned. You can disagree without turning to insults and slurs.

3. Respect the word filter. Ours is fairly casual, only censoring the more offensive and vulgar terms, so we expect everyone to respect the freedom and limitations we've set in this area. Disobeying this will result in your warn level being raised, and at level 5 warn you will be banned from the site.

4. Don't spam. We do allow double posting on this site, but anything excessive will be deleted and your warn will be raised. The posting of random internet memes should also be kept to a minimum because they generally add nothing to a discussion and can get annoying fast. This goes for the shoutbox as well, and should you prove to be untrustworthy there, you will be restricted from using it.

5. Respect the staff. We try to be as friendly as possible and in general just think of ourselves as normal members who can change stuff - we'll usually be happy to help you out with anything you need. But if you come to us whining and blaming us for site issues or something, you can see how we might not be so receptive to that.

6. Respect AdminKing or suffer an unbearably grizzly fate.

That's it. Follow these simple rules and we'll all get along famously. Hope you have fun here!

NOTE: When you make an account on tTH4, a validation email is sent to you to ensure you're not a bot. These emails can sometimes end up in your spam folder, especially if you use, so be sure to check for it there. If you still have issues, contact one of the admins and we'll sort it out.


We've set up a blog system and enabled custom member titles. We require members to have a total of 100 posts to request a blog (please no spamming to get there), but the member titles have no requirements to be met. Simply PM an admin with your desired titles and we'll get it done as soon as we can.
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