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May 26 2015, 12:53 AM
artists you've seen, artists you've met, artists you wanna see/meet. stories, thoughts, etc, etc. discuss.


as for me, i love seeing artists play, and i go to concerts pretty much when i can. i live Sacramento, which means most artists skip over this place in favor of San Francisco or San Jose. not really a big deal, but i hate driving, so it's w/e.

concerts i've been to:

Chiodos, Coheed and Cambria, and Linkin Park (3.10.2008, first concert ever)
Ashes Divide, Chris Cornell, Street Drum Corps, and Linkin Park (8.09.2008, bit of a theme w/ these early concerts)
Slash and Ozzy Osbourne (2.3.2011)
The Prodigy and Linkin Park (2.22.2011)
Tesla (7.09.2011)
Kool & the Gang, Van Halen (6.09.2012)
The Crimson Projekct and Dream Theater (7.01.2012)
Mutemath, Incubus, and Linkin Park (9.07.2012, bought tickets to this show, got incredibly sick the day of, couldn't drive, so i ended up missing it)
Dwntwn, Gold Fields, and Capital Cities (5.31.2013)
Big B, The Expendables, and The Dirty Heads (7.31.2013)
The Wind & the Wave, Night Terrors of 1927, and The Colourist (4.12.2014)
Hunter Hunted, Nonono, twenty one pilots (5.11.2014)
Ugly Bunny and Parade of Lights (5.14.2014)
Lynyrd Skynyrd (8.15.2014)
Iration and Sublime with Rome (9.20.2014)
Like a Storm, California Breed, and Alter Bridge (10.25.2014)
Walk the Moon, Future Islands, Young the Giant, Rise Against, Fall Out Boy, and Linkin Park (12.12.2014, got sick for this one too but i stuffed my face full of pain pills and Dayquil, so i made it and subsequently got wrecked by frenzied Rise Against fans)
Flying Lotus and Pretty Lights + a buncha other guys, but it's a long list & these were the only two i remember from that night anyway (12.31.2014/1.01.2015)
Megan Nicole and Lindsey Stirling (1.31.2015)
In the Valley Below and Robert DeLong (3.05.2015)

most of these were super fun and great experiences, but Van Halen was bad, Lynyrd Skyrnrd was eh (not my type of music, but free show's a free show), Crimson Projekct was eh (really not my type of music), and Future Islands was the longest thing i've had to sit through to get to an artist i want to see (i was kinda messed up that day, but w/e).
May 25 2015, 11:46 PM
i'm 113. so long story short, i used to frequent tTH a few years ago, but wound up leaving for both on-and-offline reasons. anyway, Bionicle's back so i thought i might drop by again for old time's sake (fresh start and all that).

uh, few tidbits i guess:

i'm a psychology major in California (technically a junior, but i'm in JC, so i don't really know), and i'm into Bionicle, Transformers (comics and the odd figure here and there), music, birds, and probably some other stuff i'm not thinking of atm.

so yeah. cool to see this place up & running again.
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