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Mask of Destiny 

    Pacman High Scores
Description: Eat all the little dots without letting the ghosts get you!
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Top Scores
Pacman Champion!
with a score of 22810
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Takal 22810 That'll do, Pak, that'll do. 7:13pm May 25th
2 ZippyWharrgarbl 9300 9:17am Jun 14th
3 Kitania 8500 winner winner chicken dinner 7:03pm May 25th
4 Silent Shills 7370 >tfw no ghost gf 11:04am May 27th
5 Cow Jazz 3830 7:07pm May 25th
6 fishers64 3510 10:13pm May 28th
7 Terror 2770 frigging ghosts let me eat my pills 11:33pm Aug 8th
8 Serein 1610 6:56pm May 25th

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