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Dec 15 2016, 02:08 PM
Well, this is a best-of for one of my top 5 bands overall, and top 3 in power metal. Why a best-of? Shameless plugging of course.

They're a great band, but, forwarning (for those that care), they're Christian, and quite overtly so. Not offensive by any means, but Christian.

Theocracy (2003)
-Theocracy (yes, there's a song Theocracy, on the album Theocracy, by the band Theocracy)

Mirror of Souls (2008)
-Laying the Demon to Rest
-Mirror of Souls

As the World Bleeds (2011)
-I Am
-Altar to the Unknown God

Ghost Ship (2016)
-Wishing Well
-A Call to Arms

They've also made a mess of Christmas singles, one for every Christmas since their 2003 inception*. About half are parodies or mockeries, while the others are metal versions of Christmas songs. Notable among these are their versions of "Come O' Come Emmanuel", and "Angels From the Realms of Glory", while "All I Want for Christmas", and "Rudolph v. Frosty" are their best parody songs.

*Excepting 2013, where their main singer was making a charity song for a Superband thing called Project Aegis, and 2015 and 2016, because they were trying to put together another album.


As with most bands I've listened to, it took them a few albums to hit their stride. As the World Bleeds was a great step up in quality for them, and Ghost Ship is their best IMO. Worth checking out if you like Progressive/Power Metal.
Dec 15 2016, 09:00 AM
If you're wondering about the title, then you should know that the definitions for Maximallism and Minimalism (which are opposites), are 'More is More', and 'Less is More', respectively.

Maximize: 4.5/5
Boomerang: 4/5 (such a lame song lyrically, but musically, not bad)
That Song: 5/5 (that said, it's catchy, but not Amaranthe)
21: 5/5 Totally sounded like a bootleg of "Drop Dead Cynical", but it's pretty good. Also, more stupid lyrics issues. Drop the mic. Really?
On the Rocks: 3/5 Excuse me while I vomit in a bucket.
Limitless: 4/5
Fury: 5/5 The most 'Amaranthe' this album gets. But the guy's growling sounds more like rap than anything else.
Faster: 4.8/5
Break Down and Cry: 5/5 Despite the name, even though this is not Amaranthe, this is the best song on the album IMO.
Supersonic: 3/5
Fireball: 4/5
Endlessly: 4/5

For reference, here is how I normally rate my stuff on iTunes:

5/5 (with heart): At least half of this is filled with Coheed, Kamelot, and Blind Guardian. A few Sabaton, Red, Starset, and other assorted songs inhabit this list as well, in addition to my lame-o Pop-Rock stuff.
5/5 (w/o heart): Almost all of Starset's Transmissions is rated here. Only slightly less songs in this category than the 4/5s. A couple of Twenty-One Pilots songs on here, and ALMOST all of my metal songs.
4/5: These make up most of my songs on iTunes. These are songs like "My Demons" by Starset, "Fairly Local" and "Guns for Hands". These are between undistinguishable due to lack of uniqueness and being fairly good.
3/5: These songs are like "Red Sands" and "Among the Hunted", off of Kamelot's Eternity, most of what Twenty-One Pilots does (though not all), and the vast majority of songs on Blind Guardian's first two albums. They're songs which are totally abhorent to my ears, but usually are just mediocre. They've got nothing special or unique about them.
2/5: This has to be a really bad song, like, HORRIBLY BAD. Like the remix of Starset's "Let it Die". These won't be on my iTunes, usually (excepting the cases stated below), because I just won't listen to them.
1/5: These don't exist on my iTunes. If a song is that bad (much like 2/5s), it will be permanantly deleted off my iTunes. The only way I might not delete a 1/5 or 2/5 is if it was part of a concept album or sountrack (the latter is the case with the Pacific Rim soundtrack). Even Kamelot's Eternity isn't bad enough to be put on this. Heck, even Twenty-One Pilots isn't this bad. NEEDTOBREATHE, yes, but not TOP.
Dec 14 2016, 11:28 AM
So, this is the opposite of an AMA, because ... reasons?

Here's one: Xinlo, what was the name of my old blog in the Titan's Hangout?
Dec 14 2016, 11:26 AM
More excuses for me to be sarcastic with people online.
Dec 13 2016, 12:50 PM
Scythey and Takal, I await yours.

Battalions of Fear (1988)

-By The Gates of Moria*

*Between Kuersch's voice, and the very different style of this album, and the next to a lesser extent, I don't honestly love any of the songs on this album. However, as a classical music fan, and someone whose favorite track is the Fourth Movement in Dvorak's Symphony From The New World, I cannot describe to you the euphoria I felt when realizing that By The Gates of Moria was Blind Guardian's metal version of that movement. Makes me glad to be a fan.

Follow the Blind (1989)

-Hall of the King

Tales From the Twilight World (1990)

-The Lord of the Rings

Somewhere Far Beyond (1992)

-Theatre of Pain
-Ashes to Ashes

Imaginations From The Other Side (1995)

-Imaginations From The Other Side
-Born In a Mourning Hall

Nightfall In Middle Earth (1998)

-The Minstrel/The Curse of Fëanor
-Blood Tears

A Night At The Opera (2002)

-Precious Jerusalem
-Under the Ice

A Twist In The Myth (2006)

-Another Stranger Me [insert the honest and true bias claim]

NOTE: This is one of my faves, and so other notables off of this album would be "This Will Never End", "Otherland", "Fly", "Skalds and Shadows" and "New Order"

At The Edge of Time (2010)

-Sacred Worlds
-Control the Divine

NOTE: Another of my favorites. "Tanelorn (Into the Void)", "Ride Into Obsession", "Curse My Name", and "Wheel of Time" are also great songs.

Beyond The Red Mirror (2015)

-The Ninth Wave

Comments? Thoughts? Rage?
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