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Jul 23 2015, 12:40 PM
Round 2

I assume we are allowed to write comedies in this forum?

Tahu sighed. Bionicle had ended with a terrible movie like the rest, featuring Mata Nui as a stereotypical newbie, and he had been short. SHORT.

He swiveled his expensive chair around to his Windows 8 and opened it, heading to to ask of they could re-do Bionicle. Make it more unique, you kn-

"What in the name of Mata Nui?!"

A short animation occurred with a horrific, pudgy-faced, ripped version of himself lamely fighting with a idiotic skeleton version of general Grievous in a big pile of stone while an insanely huge version of solemn Onua gave healthy morals about brushing your teeth. "HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?!?!"

Kopaka stuck his head out the hallway. "It will if you keep shouting your mouth off like a nerd. Can you quiet down! and what's that you're looking at, is that a.... Did... Whuh....."

"Mind if I join you in your ranting?"

Soon after, nearly every character in the Bionicle universe had heard of this nightmare, and the only one not upset was Makuta, because he was awesome in G2. Finally, the Toa Nuva sent a complaint to LEGO.

Dear mr. Guy in charge of LEGO and stuff

Us here in the Bionicle G1 universe appreciate the fact that you are attempting to bring back the wonder and cherished storyline of Bionicle that so many fans dearly loved. However, it appears you are doing a terrible job at it, so please redo your attempts and try to give LEGO a good name for once.

Sincerely, everyone who cares.

"Well," Martin Vang Sandgaard Jensen said, "let's hand over G1 to Ghidora. That'll keep them quiet."
Jul 21 2015, 10:24 AM
Insanity has a name - 1 is a fanfiction run by the players.

I'm going to give you an option on what to decide, and we'll have a vote. Voting will last a week at a time, and the majority decision will occur in the "epic".

Now, the votes go for: what's on the other side of the door?

A: an elder Turaga

B: a brutish guard

Jul 21 2015, 10:20 AM

Nearly everyone was dead. Completely wiped out from the invasion force.

That's the way I want it.

Only a few struggling fools survive, and I will grind them under my heels and finally rule a kingdom of nothing... Nothing but twisted metal and tortured souls burdened by my brilliance, for I a INSANITY andthatiswhatishallbeasforaslongasilike... You gonna stahp me?

Ah, a poor, sniffling Le Matoran idiot. He's walking up to the guards of Final Outpost. Let's see what they say...

Magra slammed his shaking fist onto the door of the outpost. "H-hello? is anyone there?"
Jun 22 2015, 09:05 PM
Hello again!

This time I bring youDaltrahk!

This Skakdi mercenary uses a energy-based grappling device known as Magma Gear, capable of pulling him through the air at high speeds. It is solar-charged.

Daltrahk likes good company, is a friend to all, and likes fudge. A lot. Chocolate, Vanilla, doesn't matter when it comes to Daltrahk.

Well, whaddya think?
Jun 17 2015, 10:08 PM
Here you take the word of the player before you and make a hair-brained conspiracy theory out of it.

P1: Toasters

P2: Are a device made to ruin all of your peanut butter sandwiches, but only when you're fully confident with them.

Tow trucks

P1: They are designed to implant a Larry the cable guy endless meme into every electronic device and allow the aliens to take over the world.


P2: The aliens SETI, the UN and HASBRO accidentally declare war on set them up as decoys.

You get the idea. Post!
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