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> Hero Factory, a retrospective
 Posted: May 29 2015, 04:15 PM
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just an irrationality

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looking back, what does everybody here think of Hero Factory?

personally, I didn't like it much at first, because the sets and the story seemed highly simplistic. as the line moved on I learned to ignore the story, and tge sets grew on me once I had bought a few. the building system, while simplified, was still really neat.

you guys?

p.s. core hunter was totally a girl

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 Posted: May 29 2015, 04:30 PM
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The Guy in Charge of the Stuff

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I enjoyed all the sets that weren't the heroes the first year as they were basically still bionicle. The whole thing they had going story-wise at the beginning with the interactive website and sort of immersive world I thought was really cool, and I thought when they dropped that the line lost the charm that it had. The sets though I enjoyed somewhat, but near the end I only bought a select few because they were staying so samey. The last year with the mechs and minifigures really brought back memories of Exo-Force, though, and that was great.

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farmstink buttlass
 Posted: May 30 2015, 12:26 AM
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I uh. Don't have a lot to say about it?

But I liked it, all in all, kinda. Last couple of years weren't too great though. Brain Attack at least was pretty bad.
 Posted: May 30 2015, 01:41 AM
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Good Stuff:
1. Secret Mission Books. I read them all, they were very good.
2. Breakout. The game was awesome, and the sets kicked some serious tail.
3. Breakout Stringer.
4. The Rise of the Rookies TV shows, because I liked those.
5. The funny Ordeal of Fire Stormer and Zib videos.
6. Savage Planet TV show ending, apart from the Rocka XL straight-up Deus Ex Machina.
7. Hero Recon Hero Creator. Lovely.
8. OOF Nex and Evo.
9. And all of cool hero sets in IFB - that concept was awesome.

Bad stuff:
1. Breakout TV special. They screwed up Evo's personality why???
2. Brain Attack. All of it.
3. The repetitive online games formula for the first three years.
4. Do I even have to mention how bad IFB's TV show was?
5. A lot of clunky sets in Ordeal of Fire and Savage Planet that just didn't appeal.
6. While I liked the personality of the first wave of Heroes, their backwardness makes the Inika build look glorious.
7. That horrible timeline website. It deserves an honorable mention for bad.
8. All the annoying cliffhangers that never got resolved, and the questions that never got answered. The fact that the Secret Mission series was never finished goes here.
9. It didn't have as good a story as Bionicle. It just wasn't Bionicle, man.

And that about sums it up.
 Posted: May 30 2015, 11:40 AM
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I loved Hero Factory, mostly because it embraced a cheese BIONICLE was never going to go for. It was criminally unsupported, and Greg handling the later story probably did more harm than good, but I would have wanted more Hero Factory as much as new BIONICLE.

Although IfB never really spoke to me. I know everybody was like "ermagerd minifigs!" but the mechs all felt really same-y, although the villains were cool. A disappointingly "meh" way to end.
 Posted: Jun 18 2015, 08:32 AM
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Platinum Memer

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Hero Factory had potential, I'll give it that much. This is going to sound dumb but I'm not really as into sets as I am into story. Even since Bionicle, it was all about the books and movies and junk. I mean, I still loved and bought the sets, but I have a more complete set of media than I do the figures.

I actually own none of the sets for Hero Factory. I do, however, own the books. Secret Mission books were pretty decent for what I was expecting, apart from the readers, which weren't really stories at all and more fact sheets they got from the website. Face-Off was all right, since it had the comparing stats at the end and stuff.

The podcasts were actually okay, too. I don't know how many people listened to them- I haven't listened to them all- but they were cute. One contains an advertisement for Hero Factory: The Musical and I suggest everyone go and listen to it because you can practically hear the sparkly tights that the enthusiastic actor playing Stormer is wearing.

I think the main thing was that it was unintentionally hilarious in how brutal they could be. There's the infamous infanticide scene from Breakout, repeated again in Invasion from Below on a slightly more messed up scale. There's stuff in the books that's pretty funny, too- one I particularly remember is Stringer gets a brain on him in one of them. Furno asks Stormer if he can bop it off- he is told that this has a chance of causing irreversible robobrain damage, and to wait the extra two minutes it will take for a repair crew to safely remove it. He goes "THERE'S NO TIME" and punches it off Stringer's head.

Thankfully Stringer was fine, but:
a) Apparently they could have caused brain damage to all of those innocent creatures in the show
b ) Furno was absolutely more than willing to possibly inflict brain damage on his friend

It got dark sometimes too, jeez. There were alternate universes- only one was explored, the others mentioned, but some of them were things like "reprogramming villains to be more productive members of society" and "hero factory rules the whole universe in an iron fist". Also, in the same book as the one mentioned above, brained Stringer threatened Furno with making Stringer jump to his death which was pretty intense for a kid's book.
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