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Jul 22 2016, 06:47 AM
The forum's all but deserted which means there is no one to stop me posting random topics

The Three Foot Glitch made its appearance around the time I got the game so I have not experienced a true Pokehunt. I have, however, experienced seeing some really good stuff silhouetted in the tracker that I haven't been able to hunt down because there's no indication of where it is.

I've filled up over a third of my Pokedex, and I've caught so many Zubats and Rattatas and Pidgies. It's incredible.

Current mission is to catch enough Gastly, force myself to part with them, and evolve them into a Gengar eventually. Ghost types are awesome.
Jul 22 2015, 07:58 AM
Excuse how thrown together this is, I kind of just doodled it out. More of a writing exercise exploring an idea than an actual story but y'know, yolo, am I right?


It was nearing sunset when Lewa touched down in Le-Wahi. Surrounded by the chatter of happy Le-Matoran, he could smile and be merry like the world outside didn't even matter. That was what he needed right now.

Earlier, he had been talking with Onua, as Onua was very wise. They were looking for their masks when Lewa decided to bring up what was troubling him.

"Brother, do you ever wonder about other islands?"

Onua seemed taken aback, pausing mid-step. "Other islands?"

Lewa sat on the rock he had been scaling on their way; Onu-Wahi wasn't much for sight-seeing, but it at least had things to climb. "Well, there must be other place-lands, but all I see when I go high-flying is ocean."

He paused, staring at the horizon, so far away. So flat, here, where there were no trees to mask it. "Mata Nui did not make us alone, did he?"

"Mata Nui is wiser than us all, brother," Onua chuckled. Lewa glanced to him, finding his laugh oddly flat. The Toa of Earth continued, "He may have gifted us alone with life, or there may be other lands. We don't know. Perhaps one day, we will."

"I'd like to seek-find them one day," said Lewa wistfully, sliding off the rock and landing on his feet with a thump. "When the shadow-threat is gone."

"Let us hope that day comes," Onua had said, and left it at that.

Lewa let himself wander amongst the Matoran until it was time to retire for the night. Even then, he sat and joked with the Matoran guarding the village at night for a while, until he began to grow tired. He walked back to his shelter only to find that Turaga Matau had been waiting for him. He grinned at his elder. "Turaga! Have I wandered into the wrong home?"

"No, Toa," Matau smiled back, but weakly. "But I know something is bothering you. Do you want to quick-tell?"

Lewa shrugged, sitting on his bed. The Turaga took a seat on a tall wooden stool with some difficulty. When he had settled, Lewa asked, "What is beyond the ocean, Turaga?"

"More water, I ponder-think," said Matau.

"Is that all? I've been wondering... are there other village-homes? Other islands?"

There was a moment of silence between the two, a very rare occurrence. Finally, Matau relinquished his seat with a sigh. "Quick-follow, Toa. I want to show you something."

Lewa struggled to keep himself at the Turaga's relatively slow pace, but made do with bouncing from tree to tree on the way. As they went, Matau hummed a merry tune to himself for a little while before speaking again. "It is not mere curiosity bothering you, is it, Toa-hero?"

"No," Lewa admitted, swinging to another branch. "At first it was. I... I am very happy-smiles here with the Le-Matoran, Turaga, and I care true-deep for my Toa brothers. But I wonder: is this island all there is? Is there nothing else?"

"A very complicated concern to have," Matau nodded. "One that many share-think. A team of Ga-Matoran boaters felt the same way, and left some time ago to find new lands. They came back, bringing an artifact. It is there that I bring you now."

They arrived on the shore of the beach, and Turaga Matau led him to a small cave, the waves of low tide just lapping at its mouth. "Watch your step. We have some time until the wave-tides return, we should not waste it."

The way down was dark, but Matau seemed to know the way. He continued down, Lewa at his back being guided by a hand extended to Matau's shoulder, until they reached a flat floor. The air was thick with mildew and seaweed, but it was breathable. Matau retrieved a lightstone from what Lewa could see in the light was a hole under a rock, and then walked to the far wall. Lewa's eyes traced the object the light danced upon. It was a collection of Rahi... Rahi bones? He supposed so, but they were like no Rahi bones he had ever seen. They had a metallic sheen, but there were far fewer of them than expected from a Rahi, as if the creature was more flesh than metal. Most disturbing of all was the creature's ribcage: around it was an ancient saddle-like garment, barely hanging to the skeleton by a few threads.

"What is that, Turaga?'

Matau brought the lightstone closer. "Turaga Whenua has been look-seeing, he is skilled in these things. He says this was but a youth of the creature's kind."

"But it is already so large-wide!"

"Yes, he says that they could have been used for transport. The saddle-seat is for taming the beast, Turaga Whenua thinks, for getting it used to wearing it."

Lewa could not bring his eyes from the creature. He asked, "A Matoran made the saddle-seat?"

"The language printed on it is not in Matoran, and Turaga Nokama cannot mask-read it."

There was naught but the sound of waves lapping gently at the cave's entrance, so far above, for what felt like an eternity. Matau turned to Lewa. "I must ask you not to speak of this to your Toa-brothers."


"We will tell them, in due time. But your duty is to awakening the Great Spirit; chasing after strange Rahi will not help this."

Lewa asked, "Why bring-show me?"

"Because your concerns gnaw-bite at you, Toa. And you do not need more worries in your life. It is best for you to keep a clear mind when facing the Makuta's darkness, lest he poison your dark thoughts."

Lewa could tell Matau was hiding something more, but let it go. Instead, he said, "Then, this means..."

"We aren't as alone as you might deep-think, no."

After a long pause, they ascended the steps once again, and the tide rose to drip into the darkness.


In case I'm the only one who reads the comics: Spherus Magnans had these giant lizards that they used for gosh darn near everything. Here's the one that appears in this story!

Jul 8 2015, 04:56 AM
Basically this started with an idea to write a story about Malum where every single speaking part of his is a Squidward quote, but then I realised there was a greater reference to be made.

I've been informed before that some people live in a hole in the ground and have not seen this quintessential Spongebob Squarepants episode (Band Geeks, for those interested), and I would have supplied a video with the scene referenced, but apparently Youtubers do not determine anything after the "BIG MEATY CLAWS" line to be relevant and so edit the last part. You're gonna have to just take my word on it actually being a reference.

Headcanon: Malum has the biggest, angriest eyebrows in existence.
Jun 30 2015, 02:31 AM
BAC ADVENTURES left an irreparable hole in my heart and so I will attempt to fill the void.


Your name is MATA NUI. You have crashed face-first onto a strange planet, one that feels ODDLY FAMILIAR. You have been exiled from your home by an EVER-PRESENT EVIL that has enslaved your HOMELAND. You must FIND A WAY BACK.

You stand in the middle of the crater you made. It is dark, so you assume it is night. With you is a ROCK, and a TINY BEETLE. The TINY BEETLE is eyeing you suspiciously. The ROCK is ambivalent to your presence, as far as you can tell.

What will you do?
Jun 13 2015, 06:50 AM
Hey, I'm Zippy and I've been on BZP for a while. I like to write, draw and read. A friend of mine pointed this forum out to me and said it was a cool place; so far it looks really cool!

I've been a Bionicle fan since it came out, my favourite character is Malum and I am one of those people who like the Bara Magna arc for whatever reason.
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